Our Key Services

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Office Visit

The office visit will allow our healthcare provider to perform a thorough physical examination focused on the symptoms you are experiencing.  Generally a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be achieved with an office visit versus a telehealth visit.

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Telehealth can be used to evaluate the patient using modern technology through the use of a computer.  This can be a great option in situations where one might have limited transportation or in cases of very mild illness or exposures to illness that may require treatment

Preparing for Blood Test

Lab Tests

Lapham Medical Clinic is located within the Any Lab Test Now office which allows for access to a full array of laboratory tests at discounted prices with your office visit

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Sports Physicals

Lapham Medical Clinic does offer sports physicals.  Many sports physicals now require sickle cell testing which can be accommodated or just the sports physical alone can be performed if lab testing is not required.  Please be sure to bring your required paperwork to be filled out by our healthcare provider

Pregnancy Test

        Pregnancy Confirmation

Lapham Medical Clinic offers pregnancy confirmation through either urine pregnancy tests or blood tests.  This can be a good option for those needing provider documentation to apply for Medicaid

Drug and Syringe

STD Treatment Plans

Lapham Medical Clinic does provide comprehensive treatment plans for Gonnorhea and Chlamydia at significantly reduced rates.  The rates provided assume a positive test has already been obtained although initial testing can be performed at Lapham Medical Clinic or Any Lab Test Now.

Online Booking

You can easily book your appointment at Lapham Medical Clinic below.  Just click on the type of visit you would like and follow the prompts on the screen.  When making an online appointment, information will be sent to your email to set up a Patient Health Account.  Please set up your account and fill out the assigned questionnaires and consent forms.  Credit/debit card required to reserve appointment but will not be charged until the time of your appointment.