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Know Before You Go

Lapham Medical Clinic believes that providing affordable healthcare requires input from YOU, the patient, about your preferences and priorities regarding how you spend money on healthcare.  Lapham Medical Clinic provides price transparency by making sure you understand the cost of additional testing and procedures apart from the visit fee and that you approve and consent to those additional costs.  The Know Before You Go Pricing Guarantee allows you to know exactly how much your healthcare visit costs and gives you the comfort of knowing you will not receive any surprise bills for healthcare related costs from our clinic.  In addition to knowing how much you are spending on your healthcare at Lapham Medical Clinic, we believe it is important for you to know if Lapham Medical Clinic can evaluate and treat your illness appropriately before you go to seek medical care which can help you save health care dollars.  The link below will provide a list of medical conditions that can generally be evaluated and treated at Lapham Medical Clinic


Patient Portal

Lapham Medical Clinic utilizes Charm Electronic Health Record to maintain patient health records and information in a safe and HIPAA compliant manner.  Patients will have access to their health records at Lapham Medical Clinic by signing up for a patient health account that can be easily accessed with a link that will be sent to your email when an appointment is booked.


Online Appointment Scheduling

You can easily book your appointment online under Our Services  which may result in a preferred appointment time versus booking an appointment by telephone.  Walk in service may be available but will be dependent on the appointment schedule for the day.

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