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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your new patient procedure?

Lapham Medical Clinic will send a link to your email address once an appointment is scheduled that will allow you to set up an account for your personal health record in the patient portal.  The patient portal will allow you receive consent forms and intake questionnaires to be filled out prior to your appointment.  These forms can be filled out on your computer and once you are finished filling them out the forms can be sent back to Lapham Medical Clinic through the patient portal which will allow the healthcare provider more time during your appointment to focus on your medical needs.

How do I pay?

Lapham Medical Clinic does require payment at the time of service.  Insurance will not be accepted or billed by Lapham Medical Clinic at this time.  Payment with cash, credit card, debit card, or HSA card will be accepted.  Lapham Medical Clinic will provide a superbill upon request from your visit that you can submit to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.

How do I book an appointment?

Easy online booking is available through Lapham Medical Clinic website under the Our Services tab.  Lapham Medical Clinic can also book an appointment for you by calling 980-748-7824.  If your phone call is not answered please leave a message and your call will be returned in order to schedule your appointment.  Credit card information is required at the time of appointment scheduling as we do have an appointment cancellation policy.  Walk-ins can/may be accommodated depending on the appointment schedule for the day.

What is the appointment cancellation policy?

Lapham Medical Clinic recognizes that medical conditions can sometimes change and become worse or improve.  Our cancellation policy requires cancellation at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid being charged an appointment cancellation fee of $35.  Not showing up to an appointment without cancelling at least 2 hours prior to the appointment will also result in a $35 fee.

What types of medical conditions can be treated at Lapham Medical Clinic?

Some examples include ear ache or infection, cold or flu symptoms, mild allergic reactions, pink eye, dental pain, rash, mild back pain.  Lapham Medical Clinic recognizes that medical care can be complex and sometimes may result in the recommendation for the patient to seek a higher level of care.  These situations are case dependent and are difficult to predict without performing an exam.  Patients receiving a recommendation for higher level of care are still required to pay at the time of the visit.  Patients receiving a recommendation for higher level of care will be provided with education about what to expect in regards to the suspected illness and how they may benefit from a higher level of care, as well as risks of not seeking the recommended care.  Click on the link on the Our Features tab for a more comprehensive list.

What types of conditions are not treatable at Lapham Medical Clinic?

Lapham Medical Clinic at this time is not equipped with diagnostic equipment such as EKG (electrocardiogram), X-ray, CT scan, Mammography, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), Ultrasound, Pet scan, etc.  Lapham Medical Clinic is also not equipped with IV fluids or medications at this time.

Many of the following conditions may require the use of these diagnostic tools or treatments to be adequately cared for  and as such are not recommended to be treated at Lapham Medical Clinic:

  • Severe chest pain

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Wheezing or shortness of breath

  • Paralysis

  • Intestinal bleeding

  • Vaginal bleeding with pregnancy

  • Repeated vomiting

  • Poisoning

  • Severe head or eye injuries

  • Major Allergic reactions (tongue and lip swelling or difficulty breathing)

  • Suspected broken bones

Click the link below for a more comprehensive list.

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